Practice your communication skills with some laughter

You’ve probably heard of the line stipulating that a big portion of communication is non-verbal. You’d probably agree that your body language, eye contact, hand gestures, and tone of voice all provide texture to the message you are trying to convey and, in many ways, contribute to its impact. Have you ever noticed that no matter who it is; a principal delivering a speech to their students or a head of state addressing the military or maybe even someone delivering the eulogy of a loved one, communicators always try to make their audience laugh? That’s because a well-positioned comic relief helps the message get through even better because it gives the audience an emotional break from the tension and heavy mood of any serious topic. Learning how to better handle spoken comedy will most definitely make you a better communicator. Getting on stage and delivering a practiced speech that is meant to be funny will greatly improve your confidence in properly getting your point across regardless of the subject matter you’ll be discussing.