Get over your fear of public speaking once and for all

So, I Googled: “is it normal to be nervous about public speaking” and this is what Google told me; “It’s normal to get nervous about public speaking. When you stand up in front of people and open your mouth, you’re making yourself vulnerable. Public speaking involves risk. So, aiming for zero fear is unrealistic.” At that moment I saw Google as a wise presence in my life. Because I couldn’t have said it any better. Indeed, you feel exposed when you’re in front of other humans trying to convey a message or simply communicate some random things to make them laugh. However, here’s the thing, the wall to get through in order to become someone that can confidently convey their message is a lot thinner than you think. And much like toothpaste where once it’s out you can’t put it back in the tube, fear is the same in that once you’ve gone through to the other side of it, you will not feel that fear any longer. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you will no longer feel any kind of fear or get nervous when speaking to an audience, as a matter of fact being nervous about the outcome of your performance prior to getting on stage is very normal and I’d even argue welcomed because it keeps you in line and prevents you from getting over-confident. But the paralyzing fear of public speaking can be remedied with the practice of stand-up comedy.