Fulfill that wish to get on stage

Have you ever been at a stand up comedy show and as you’re enjoying the show, you get this urge to participate and put in your two cents? Here’s a piece of advice, DON’T DO IT! Let the person on stage do their thing and get through their material. However, this urge to partake in whatever is going on on-stage is indicative of a greater human aspiration. I once read an article about a survey that was conducted on people in their death beds. As morbid as that might sound I think death has a way of putting life into perspective. I say that to say this, I was surprised to see a recurring theme in the answers people had to the question; “What do you wish you had accomplished during your lifetime”. An overwhelming majority of these people said that they wished they had put on a performance for other people. Bear in mind that public speech ranks very high in human fears, so this was puzzling to me to say the least. In many ways, reading that article was a catalyst to me finally getting on stage and then I understood why it’s such a deeply rooted human aspiration. This is one of those things that can only truly be understood by actually doing it. I believe that there’s a reason why we get this urge to give our two cents whenever we’re watching someone speak many of you might even be like me and talk back at the television or while listening to a radio show. It is a human NEED to have our voices heard. I say that we should fulfill that wish to get on stage now while we still can.